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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Hardware Photos 4 of 9

The best Smartphone Camera I've ever tested

LG G4, G5, V10 and the Samsung Galaxy smartphones S6 and S7 I could not test myself, but the press writes unanimously that their cameras with the current iPhones are roughly equal (with little light the pictures with a smartphone darker, the other one brighter). The Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to be a bit better. Is yes also newer, has a small development leap, can quite right. But all these top-class smartphones have a very high quality standard and the differences are more of a taste.

The best Camera is the one you have with you

Depending on the requirements and use of the photos, the camera from the above smartphones can be enough, at least as a second camera.
Anyone who pursues the hobby of photography with professional requirements and sometimes prints posters or makes high-quality prints from the lab has always had a real camera – there are very handy system cameras that can be found in every jacket pocket with a pancake lens.
But even hobby photographers leave the camera at home and have an excellent emergency solution with an iPhone 6s Plus!

Photo: Apple iPhone 6s Plus camera lens, laser focus, flash

My photos with the iPhone 6s Plus have always been very well done, sharper and brighter than with previously used smartphone cameras.

Photo: Apple iPhone 6s Plus in leather cover, camera lens with sapphire glass, next to the flash

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