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Samsung Galaxy Note Model GT-N7000

Long-term practical Test




Retest especially for the Functionality of CalDAV/CardDAV

Photo: XXL-Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 in the original box
Photo: The Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 in the original box

I have ignored this XXL-Smartphone nearly, but then I read the Test report in connect of December 2011 («the currently best 3G send- and receive values») and so it attracts my buing interest instantly!

For excellent acoustic, superb radio reception and lowest radiation values I can accept XXL-dimensions!
It has the best AMOLED display, ideal for web browsing, E-Mail and Calendar overview.

Photo: XXL-Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note in open box
Photo: The XXL-Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note in the opened box

A translation of my German-language review as summary is scheduled.
If you can´t wait, please look on the German-language pages. Thank you!

A translation of this extremely comprehensive German test report into English is planned as a short version. I have postponed this again and again since it is not a current device and the general interest in it is likely to be rather low.

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