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Mobile Apps, Desktop Software, Web Apps

Test reports and recommendations for common operating systems

Mobile Apps

in its own submenu: Apps for Smartphones. All apps for iOS self-tested.

Desktop Software

Apple has greatly simplified the porting of iPadOS apps to macOS. Developers can now offer their apps equally for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Portable Apps (German: Portable Software)

Portable Apps runs cleanly separated from the operating system in its own folder. Can be copied to USB stick/CD etc. and started on any Windows computer. Please do not confuse with Mobile Apps for Smartphones, Tablet-PCs and Apple's Mac with ARM-CPU!

Browser aka Web Browser

Most important Means of Transport on the Data Highway right next to the Clients for E-Mail and FTP

E-Mail Client

Still the most important Software in the digital World

E-Mail Archiving

Obligatory for Companies, useful for private Users


Emulate C=64 and Amiga on current Hardware

FTP Client

Most important tool for every Webmaster


Manage iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – Backup, Update, Profiles, Forensics

IrfanView Graphic Viewer

Image viewing, Image Editing, Image Processing

Media Player

Playback Software for all kinds of Video Formats

Music Administration

Organise, manage and keep track of your Music Collection

Office Suite

Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing Program and Database


Antivirus, Password Safes

Touch Typing Tutor

If you don't know your Keyboard by heart yet, you can use it to get to know it. Online or download


File Archiver, File Manager, Network Monitor (Function Bar), Text Editor for Programmers

Web Applications (Web Apps)

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

Usually simply called Content Management System (CMS)

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Mobile App Reviews

Quality not Quantity

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