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Motto: Quality, not Quantity

Sorting by app name is no rating! Purchase date and own rating with 1–5 stars for each app. Where “date of purchase” means “date of installation” for free apps. I also mention in-app purchases and donations as well as separately/subsequently payments.

New test reports may initially be in short form, but will be supplemented as soon as possible and expanded into detailed long-term tests.

Under “System Requirements” I mention the operating system version for which the app is suitable.

Checking the app quality/seriousness of a developer naturally includes a review of his/her website and privacy policy.
In doing so, I also see if the offered app is only available for iOS or also for other operating systems and take this into account.

Why I ended up with Apple's iOS operating system after many years of Android OS and BlackBerry 10 is explained in my documentation and decision-making aid: which (mobile) operating system.

Further reviews are already in progress. Icon: laughing Smiley

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