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Which Operating System: Android OS, iOS or Windows Phone?

Alternatives to the best mobile Operating System: BlackBerry 10

I originally wrote this report in 2016, but the topic is still relevant: only two of the formerly four most popular operating systems are still on the market.
And there are still a few business people who use a BlackBerry smartphone …

Since 2018 …

… so the search for an alternative has long been an issue for these users too!


From 30.01.2013 BlackBerry tried to stop the decline of its hardware division with two new smartphones and BlackBerry 10 OS (BB10). Without marketing, however, no smartphone manufacturer has a chance against competitors and so successes failed to materialize; the final end was in sight. Only die-hard fans of the excellent BB10 real-time operating system remained loyal to BlackBerry, hoping that their marketing department might take action after all.
For years, the BlackBerry board of directors had kept quiet about the fact that they no longer wanted to use their operating system in smartphones.
We customers felt totally scr...d charred and now we need an alternative to BlackBerry!

Apart from data protection, Android OS and Apple iOS differ in very different operating concepts.
Many people will only be happy with one of both ecosystems (taste and philosophy play a role).

My personal Conclusion: Apple iOS

This documentation of the situation and my thoughts about it gave something to like-minded people, because not everyone is a geek or nerd and knows the background and then builds an Android smartphone with Linux and becomes happy with such a mobile construction site (even for professionals this is a fiddle).
My personal conclusion: Apple iOS is the most secure operating system of all and there is the widest range of good tested software.
If you avoid any cloud, make backups only locally, and carefully select service and software providers, privacy has a chance.

The whole Story

Long version: If you have time and desire/interest, you are welcome to read the whole story:

BlackBerry 10 OS

To restructure the company, the hardware division was outsourced and Google's Android OS was chosen as an alternative operating system. Angry Smiley Read more …

Android OS

From the most secure operating system BlackBerry 10, trusted by Western governments, state institutions and large corporations, should one switch to Android?
Entrust personal data to the world's largest advertising service provider Google, who makes money selling customer data and is notorious as a data killer?
The collected data is anonymized by Google, but not every customer believes and accepts this. Read more …

Apple iOS

Apple's ecosystem is similar to that of BlackBerry – to use an iPhone and the manufacturer's services you need an Apple ID, so you have to register as a customer with the manufacturer. Read more …

Microsoft Windows Phone

Up to version 8.x, Microsoft called it Windows Phone in the long form, in the meantime it was buried as Windows 10 Mobile.
It should be able to do what BlackBerry's former managing director Thorsten Heins dreamed of back then with his BlackBerry 10 OS: Mobile Computing. The smartphone as universal computer.  Read more …

Conclusion: for me Apple iOS is the best Choice

So I had tested Apple's iPhone 6s Plus and was able to buy its successor iPhone 7 Plus at a low price by means of a contract extension. Afterwards I bought the iPhone 8 in the Apple Store Frankfurt. Thanks to contract extension, I got the anniversary iPhone X from Deutsche Telekom at a low price. I ordered the successor models iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 Pro Max and afterwards also the iPhone 11 Pro online from Apple and picked it up in the Apple Store Frankfurt.

I remain critical and do not see Apple as a religion. Winking Smiley

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