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What you should pay Attention to when buying a Smartphone

Tips for your Purchase Decision

  1. Security: Operating system kernel protected against manipulation?
    The self protection of BlackBerry 10 OS was brilliant! BlackBerry's marketing department was not up to the market and abandoned the ingenious operating system. Apple's operating system iOS is also protected against manipulation, but unfortunately no realtime operating system (RTOS) like BlackBerry 10 OS.
  2. Operating system update regularly, immediately in case of security vulnerabilities?
    Apple regularly offers new operating system versions and security updates – even for iPhones up to six years old!
    Android smartphones usually get updates from the manufacturer for a few months, while low-cost devices don't get them at all.
    iPhones only become secure again with Apple iOS 14.8; Android smartphones with Qualcomm chip need latest security patch!
  3. Data protection: encryption of the phone memory preset or can be activated?
    Apple's smartphone operating system iOS offers full encryption of the phone memory since version 8. However, as with all American companies, customer data from the iCloud is handed over to the investigating authorities following a court order. Apple and the NSA have the master key to the iCloud!
  4. very good radio characteristics with LTE (and 5G)
    But: “bad only with GSM” or “only 3G is bad” ist dangerous in case of emergency! 3G and GSM aka 2G will be switched off in some European countries by 2021/2022 at the latest! GSM will be switched off in Germany rather later, but UMTS in favour of LTE and 5G already now!
  5. excellent acoustics for music playback and telephony
    The marketing designation “music mobile phone” is no guarantee for good acoustics!
    Phone calls can be really exhausting if the acoustics are not right (you can't hear the direction of transmission yourself!)
  6. perfect workmanship for long durability and enjoyment of the device
    There are also high-quality plastic housings – metal housings need not be expensive and are easier to recycle
  7. sufficiently large, well labelled keys with clean pressure point …
    As few keys as possible, but in good quality, because these are wearing parts
  8. … or high-quality touch-sensitive screen (“Touchscreen”) with sufficiently large software keyboard
    See for example Apple's iPhone Plus models (iPhone 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Xs Max, 11 Pro Max and the current 12 Pro Max)
  9. Software keyboard can be learned without the help of a cloud (data protection!)
    On BlackBerrys and Apple's smartphones, the keyboard learns from vocabulary typed locally on the smartphone
  10. high-resolution display with easily readable, not too small font
    Cheap smartphones usually have a somewhat coarse resolution, but it does not have to be 4K
  11. Battery with an average operating time of at least 20 hours
    Mixed operation, typical working day, min. 8 h continuous use
  12. if memory cannot be expanded by microSDXC card, min. 256 GB internal memory, better 512 GB
    Keep in mind that software updates also require space for caching and that your future needs are easily underestimated (insecure cloud requires stable Internet connection and eats up data volume)
  13. Socket for data cable and power supply via USB 3.1 with type C connector or Apple Lightning
    Micro-USB sockets are tricky and manufacturer-specific power supplies may have to be purchased new when changing devices
  14. Short distance radio Bluetooth with all transmission protocols (profiles) should be available
    Depending on the BT headset, how well it interacts with the smartphone can be very important
  15. wireless battery charging is more convenient – and much slower
    Wireless charging is not a purchase criterion, as it requires much more charging time and generates a lot of heat, which makes the battery age much faster!
  16. Batteries that can be changed by the customer without any handicraft work are only beautiful theory
    If the battery of your own device is worn out, at least two years have passed with good treatment and there are no more fresh batteries
  17. Local data backup with MacBook/Notebook or PC possible?
    No backup – no mercy! Nowadays, a smartphone is a computer with which many of us do everything that could previously only be done with a stationary computer. Accordingly, there may even be more important data on the smartphone than on the local computer. This must be backed up locally (!) on a regular basis. For Linux there is no solution like iMazing or iTunes, so unfortunately the iPhone is not recommendable for Linux users.

References to 2:
Android was only secure with version 8 or newer (earlier versions allow keyloggers – in German): heise Security. Then the next big security issue came around:
Security researchers found approximately 400 security risks in Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip. Qualcomm itself confirmed the vulnerabilities. DEF CON

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