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Apple iPhone X: Telephony

Telephoning with excellent Acoustics

The Apple iPhone X provides excellent sound quality and supports HD Voice (Plus) - even with Voice over LTE (VoLTE).
If your call partner also calls via UMTS or VoLTE with HD Voice (Plus), you will experience a better sound quality than ISDN in the fixed network!
You can recognize callers and their state of mind in the voice and conversations remain more relaxed, because no disturbing noises annoy.

Only mediocre reception with GSM and 3G - good only with 4G

Many smartphones offer comparatively poor reception quality, especially when using UMTS and LTE. At best, the GSM frequencies can be received in satisfactory quality. If you live and work in a large city and rarely spend time in more rural areas, you will hardly notice this. Most smartphone users hardly make any private phone calls anyway and use instant messaging services instead.
Apple's anniversary model is the first that offers only mediocre performance in GSM and UMTS. And LTE is also only "good".
That's why it didn't make it into the top 10 in the 1/2018 issue of the trade magazine connect, but rather behind its sister model 8 Plus!

After all: globetrotters benefit from the greater choice of frequency band compared to many competitor models.

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