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Design principle: KISS (keep it simple, stupid)


Low System Requirements

CMSimple_XH, a Flat-File CMS like its predecessor CMSimple, does not need a database and stores the content of the website in a single text file. The administrative effort is minimal. If something has been changed on the website content, a complete backup with timestamp is automatically created when logging out. Just as easily, any backup can be selected and restored. CMSimple_XH requires PHP version 5.3.7 upwards. It runs excellently with PHP version 7.4.11.
General information about CMSimple_XH

High Expandability through Plug-ins

If required, a user administration can be added by installing a software module (“plug-in”). Plug-in developers also offer free solutions for many other purposes.
Official plug-in repository of CMSimple_XH

Customisable Design Templates

If you are not satisfied with the design of the technically flawless responsive design templates provided, you can either adapt them yourself or find a free sample design template to suit your own taste from one of the developers.
Official template repository of CMSimple_XH

Friendly User Community (Forum)

Anyone who then needs help or has good ideas themselves is welcome to join the community of CMSimple_XH users and participate in the forum. Patient forum members will quickly be found who will offer friendly advice and code. Optimisations for the CMS are also discussed together in the forum. It is a very helpful and friendly community and those who like can actively help. Those who can't program, test new plug-ins and templates or write a manual or update a chapter of the wiki or proofread? Translation into other languages is also very welcome. And everything is voluntary, because that's the only way to enjoy doing it.

System Requirements

  • Web server: Apache or IIS or NGINX
  • PHP: Vers. 5.3.7, 5.6 upwards strongly recommended (many plug-ins only run with newer versions), 7.x brings significant speed advantages!


  • Design principle: KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
  • Flat-File CMS (content stored in a file, no disadvantages of a database)
  • after each change to the content, a backup with a timestamp is created when logging out
  • restoring to any existing backup is as easy as the backup itself
  • short familiarisation period
  • lean, high-performance system enables the shortest possible page loading times
  • suitable for large websites with hundreds of web pages
  • all disadvantages mentioned below can be avoided with a little know-how


  • obsolete menu structure: no iso-2 directory /xx/ for main language, for foreign languages only
  • no support for multi-domain (e.g., for domain names matching to the language of the contents)
  • URI as query string does not correspond to “Clean URL” (scheme:


Highly recommended!

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