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Sense & Purpose

Thanks to the internet flat rate (unlimited data volume), you can spend hours surfing the Internet without having to worry about high bills. But time is valuable too!
This hobby website Tests & Tips aims to share the operator's personal experiences with interested website users and thus provide advice. Here you will find long-term practical tests of really self-bought and used equipment, self-used software and useful web addresses worth seeing.
The main thing is that you find the information you are looking for – either in a text written by myself or via the link collection. wink

So far Motto as Host Name: senseful-online

The hostname (senseful-online) should be the motto of this website: Don't surf online aimlessly.

The new Host Name now: tests-and-tips

This hostname describes my website content better, the domain name comprehensively: here you find tests and tips and lots of information (testsandtips.info).


Technical fascination, exchange of experience, recommendation of good internet addresses and private further education in web design were the motivation for an own web presence in May 1999. In the beginning with my name as domain only, but since 30.11.2001 also under the motto senseful online.
And since 24.09.2020 I name this website after what you can find here: testsandtips.info.
The comprehensive history of my websites can be found here: about operators history.

The domain name should make the recipients of my e-mails curious about the website. Wink Smiley

Domains registered for this Website

  • 30.11.2001: Domain with TLD .de: sinnvollonline.de  for German-language content.
  • 09.06.2013: Domain with TLD .eu:   sinnvollonline.eu  for German-language content.
  • 09.06.2013: Domain with TLD .eu:   sensefulonline.eu   for English-language content.
  • 03.07.2015: Domain with TLD .info:  sinnvollonline.info  for German-language content.
  • 07.07.2015: Domain with TLD .info:  sensefulonline.info for English-language content.
  • 28.01.2018: Domain with TLD .de: sensefulonline.de   for English-language content.
  • 12.09.2020: Domain with TLD .info: tests‑und-tipps.info for German-language content.
  • 24.09.2020: Domain with TLD .info: tests‑and‑tips.info   for English-language content.

Falls Sie deutsch bevorzugen …

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