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About the Website

Structure at Tests & Tips

The menu structure is very clear, but this is to be expected when using a Content Management System (CMS).
I have developed an own fixed menu structure for my test reports.

Meaningful Web Addresses («Clean URL»)

As a visitor of my website you usually use the menu or just browse through. You do not need to think about the page names/web addresses. But I know this from my own experience: suddenly you find an interesting page for which you want to bookmark not only in your own browser. You want to share this page with others and not forget it right away. My web pages are easy to remember, because they are clearly named.

For technical reasons, the URL contains a question mark after the slash behind the domain, but otherwise already accords to a «Clean URL».
So this page here has the web address https://tests-and-tips.info/en/?about/website/structure (usually you leave out filler words and write in lower case only).

Web Addresses in lower case only

24.06.2020: In the afternoon the website was changed to completely lower case URLs. Special characters and umlauts have always been stored as generally understandable ASCII characters. Now this URL character replacement ensures that all web addresses are stored uniformly in lower case.

Conversion with side Effects

The conversion took only two minutes, but the post-processing of thousands of older manually set links took two weeks. Thanks to the use of a good editor I was able to save a lot of time by using «Search & Replace», but still had to proceed very carefully.


In the normal text and in the menus the names are written in the usual correct spelling as you would expect.
Only there, where it is really relevant and everybody knows and expects it, the text is converted appropriately: for the web address (URL).

Main Menu sensibly purified: Computer, Mobile Phone etc. as Submenus

Since the boundaries in the hardware area are blurring, I have removed the separation between Mobile Phone and Computer in the top menu level (only there!).
In the main menu only Hardware and Software are distinguished. In the sub-menu you select Computer, Mobile Phone or Mobile Phone Accessories.

But I see daily failed attempts, where pages are searched for about Computer and Mobile Phone directly in the main menu Hardware. People! It´s all tidy here!
One glance at the menu or the table of contents would help to understand my uniform menu structure ...

Computer      =  hardware/computer

Mobile Phone =  hardware/mobile-phone
-Accessories  =  hardware/mobile-phone-accessories

Mobile Apps as Submenu of Software

Mobile Apps have their own menu under Software.

This does not mean that these apps can be found directly under Software!
The submenu for smartphone apps is tests-and-tips.info/?software/mobile-apps/
I see daily in the logbook that someone is constantly looking for apps directly under /software/ and will never find them!
A glance at the menu or the table of contents would help to understand my uniform menu structure ...


Please note: consequent use of lower case letters for the internet addresses (since 24.06.2020)!
For the purpose of spelling and better readability, menu names are displayed normally on my web pages.
But the internet addresses are generally written in lower case (see address line in the browser at the top)!

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