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Website History

sensefulonline.de + sensefulonline.eu + sensefulonline.info + testsandtips.info

Hobby Project senseful online started End of November 2001

At the end of November 2001, I registered the domain sinnvollonline.de and since then I write personal things about myself on my website michael-glaser.de only.
Field reports and long-term practical tests about hardware and software for computer, multimedia and telecommunications have since been published via domains with a motto as website name (German-language: sinnvoll online, English-language: senseful online).

Previously registered domains

30.11.2001: Domain with TLD .de:   sinnvollonline.de    for German-language content.
09.06.2013: Domain with TLD .eu:   sinnvollonline.eu    for German-language content.
09.06.2013: Domain with TLD .eu:   senseful-online.eu   for English-language content.
03.07.2015: Domain with TLD .info: sinnvollonline.info  for German-language content.
07.07.2015: Domain with TLD .info: senseful-online.info for English-language content.
28.01.2018: Domain with TLD .de:   senseful-online.de   for English-language content.

Domain name senseful-online.info as motto: senseful online to find information. E-mail recipients may become curious about the website through the domain. Wink Smiley

Moving this Website to another Internet Service Provider

12.09.2020: By chance, I landed again today on the website of the Internet service provider UD Media GmbH, which I found interesting months ago when I was looking for a web hoster who, in addition to «Let's Encrypt» certificates and current transport encryption TLS 1.3, can also offer DANE and DNSSEC.

The website of UD Media GmbH makes a very good impression on me. After comparing the domain prices with my current web hoster, the change has been decided.
I order the web hosting package Classic Hosting Power 5.0 (5 domains inclusive).

All domains had already been renewed for one year in July with the old ISP. So I can give myself until the beginning of 2021 for the move.
My small website with the domains michael-glaser.de and michaelglaser.de will be moved in 2021.

New Domain is online: testsundtipps.info

I thought again about the name of this website and registered a more meaningful domain name!
As the 1st inclusive domain, I am registering a brand new one, which has additional advantages:

I thought again about the name of this website and found a more meaningful domain name.
I am registering this as the first inclusive domain name, which has additional advantages:

  1. newly ordered domains are available almost immediately after ordering
  2. my website is immediately online with the new provider and for problems I have «plan B», see 3. + 4.
  3. Should the new ISP disappoint me after all, I have 30 days right of withdrawal
  4. If the old ISP does not hand out the authorisation codes quickly, my website will not be offline for weeks: see 2.

Login Details received after only 2½ Hours despite Saturday Evening

I immediately upload a recent backup copy of senseful-online.de via SFTP onto my new webspace and start adapting the texts.
Only 5 hours later the newly registered domain is activated!
14.09.2020: In the meantime all is done.
I love it when a plan works! Laughing Smiley
15.09.2020: Links from michael‑glaser.de to senseful-online.de changed to tests-und-tipps.info.

Another Domain is online: testsandtips.info

24.09.2020: Today I also registered the English language name of the website as a domain. All went very smoothly with a very nice contact to the customer service. Absolutly recommendable! My previous Internet service provider was also very cooperative and quickly provided the authorisation codes for my .info domains by e-mail. Now I still have to wait for the five-day objection period of the registry (to protect against hostile takeover of domains or processing errors, there are built-in hurdles that unauthorised persons cannot easily circumvent).

Moving sinnvollonline.de, michaelglaser.de + michaelglaser.de

04.01.2021: Cancelled web hosting with the old ISP, requested the AuthInfo codes for these domains for the purpose of moving. I give up the remaining domains.
05.01.2021: At noon I receive the AuthInfo codes from the old provider. Around 17:00, I enter them in the UD Media customer menu to start the domain transfer.
05.01.2021: At 22:08, the UD Media team reports the successful domain transfer. At 23:00, I receive the confirmation of termination from the old provider. Great!

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