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AmazonBasics USB 3.1 Hub

Purchase Procedure

04.06.2020: Ordered online at Amazon on Thursday evening. Delivery allegedly on Monday, 08.06. by evening at the latest.
05.06.2020: At noon on Friday I receive the shipping confirmation that my shipment is on its way and will arrive on Monday.
06.06.2020: On Saturday morning I receive an e-mail that the shipment will be delivered today. In the early afternoon, the Amazon delivery person hands over the shipment to a neighbour, about which I am also informed by e-mail.

Why purchase a new USB Hub?

Because the MacBook Air has only two USB-C ports for devices with USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3, I won't get far without a USB hub.
My existing external storage devices (6x HDD, 1x SSD) all support the USB standard 3.0 and couldn't show their performance at all on the old USB hub, but the old notebook can only support USB 2.0 anyway.
So the new MacBook Air was the reason for replacing the USB hub. Now I can finally take advantage of the full transfer rate.

Why this USB Hub?

I compared the offers and this device has a very good price-performance ratio and got quite good reviews from customers.
Most other devices only offer USB 3.0 and have a weak power supply.
This 10x USB hub is available in black and silver. I chose the silver one because it fits better to the other devices and the white desk.

The price: 53.99 EUR. Fair for an active hub.

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