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Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile

Broken Dream of a successful Smartphone Operating System

Until version 8.x, Microsoft called it «Windows Phone» in the long form, now it is buried as «Windows 10 Mobile».
It should be able to do what BlackBerry's former managing director Thorsten Heins dreamed of back then with his BlackBerry 10 OS: Mobile Computing. A device for everywhere. The smartphone as an universal computer. Microsoft calls this concept «Continuum» and can do much more than BlackBerry's «Blend» could. But even here, the smartphone gets very warm and burns a lot of energy when used as a computer for the large monitor. Journalists who have already tested the pre-series models Lumia 950 and 950XL reported many crashes and an unfinished but promising system that still lacks the apps. This all reminded us of the beginnings of BlackBerry 10 OS …

Consequence: Focus on Software Solutions for other Platforms

Apps for all smartphones and tablets

Microsoft has long since reoriented itself and offers its well-known and proven software solutions for almost all platforms.
If too little of your own hardware is sold, you program the software for other operating systems and earn good money!
This has been going on for many years with the transfer protocol Exchange ActiveSync (short: EAS) and now programs like Outlook, Word, Excel etc. are also marketed for Android OS and Apple iOS.

Thank you very much for your interest!

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