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SMS/MMS encryption made easy!

Protect your Privacy

Silence is a fork of TextSecure (now Signal) that aims to keep the SMS encryption that TextSecure removed for a variety of reasons.

Silence provides end-to-end encryption for your messages using the painstakingly engineered Signal encryption protocol.

Silence (formerly TextSecure) is an SMS/MMS application that allows you to protect your privacy while communicating with friends.

Using Silence, you can send SMS messages and share media or attachments with complete privacy.


Made by the community. Silence is made by volonteers.
No company, no business behind the project.
You can contribute!

Download at F-Droid – free open source apps for Android OS

Download at Google Play – unfortunately no longer available


17.09.2021 on my new Fairphone 3+.
10.12.2021 on my new Fairphone 4 5G.

Purchase Price

App for free. No ads, no tracker, really for free. Open source.


***** (5 stars)

System Requirements

Smartphone with Android OS 2.3 or higher.
Works also great with /e/OS.


Website: English, French
Mobile App: German, English, French, maybe more languages


in English, via Chat/Twitter.
Have a question? Want to help out?
Join us on Mattermost on, or follow @SilenceIM on Twitter or on Mastodon.


  • Easy. Silence works like any other SMS application.
    There's nothing to sign up for and no new service your friends need to join.
  • Reliable. Silence communicates using encrypted SMS messages.
    No servers or internet connection required.
  • Private.
    Silence uses the Signal encryption protocol to provide privacy for every message, every time.
  • Safe.
    All messages are encrypted locally, so if your phone is lost or stolen, your messages are protected.
  • Open Source.
    Silence is Free and Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code.


  • Silence works like any other SMS application
  • Silence communicates using encrypted SMS messages
  • no servers or internet connection required
  • encryption protocol to provide privacy for every message, every time
  • Uses proven signal encryption protocol
  • all messages are encrypted locally
  • free of charge
  • Open Source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code
  • create/restore data backup easily (with/without encryption)
  • easy transfer of all messages to another Android smartphone
  • full support of Dual-SIM (display of used SIM card/select SIM card)
  • when installing, all SMS are taken over from the previous SMS app



Highly recommended! A must have!

I find the simple data backup indispensable, either with or without encryption. Messages encrypted with Silence can only be imported back to the smartphone with Silence.

If you want to switch from Android OS or (for whatever reason) to another SMS app, you can export all messages as a plain text backup, unencrypted as an xml file. This can also be processed/converted/archived on your computer. The plain text backup is compatible with “SMS Backup & Restore”.

All this does not work with ordinary SMS apps!


No alternative, because the standard SMS app (on /e/ Fairphone 3 Plus a fork of QKSMS; on the Fairphone 4 Google Messages) neither offers end-to-end encryption nor supports dual-SIM as well as Silence.

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