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Contact Groups App

Developer: Thomas Kroll

Date of purchase: 16.06.2017 for 2.29 EUR

Rating: ***** 5 stars

System requirements: iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Contact Group Maintenance on iPhone

Unfortunately Apple believes that we do not need contact groups for iPhone customers or that we all use a Mac/MacBook (Air)(Pro).

Therefore we are still denied contact group management on the iPhone/iPad (Air)(Pro).

This app adds the missing functionality!

Before I found this app “Groups” by Thomas Kroll in the App Store, I tried the faulty app “DND Director”.  It could create groups in addition to its "Do Not Disturb" function, but saved them so incorrectly that they could not be deleted or renamed.

With Thomas Kroll's group app, even the group names left by “DND Director” could be deleted.


highly recommended

This app is worthwhile for all those who have saved a lot of addresses.

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