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Fighting Corona together

Provider: Robert-Koch-Institut

Date of purchase: for free/16.06.2020

Rating: **** 4 Stars

Compatibility: requires …

iPhone with iOS 13.5 or later

Smartphone with Android 6.0 or later

Languages: German and English

Functionality: containment of the pandemic, breaking the chains of infection through faster information.
Data protection is maintained during the entire period of use. The app does not know our names, but only exchanges code snippets with other smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy.
A comic strip by the scientists explains this much better. See note below (Protecting Lives & Liberty).

Benefits: another valuable building block to combat COVID-19 while maintaining data protection

Disadvantages: none

Conclusion: highly recommended

Follow these rules:

Distance (at least 1.5 m, better 2 m)
Wash hands with water + soap, incl. wrists; 30 seconds
Wear everyday mask (not on the sleeve, but in front of mouth and nose!)

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Corona Warn App

Protecting Lives & Liberty

16.06.2020: Corona Warn App is now available in Apple App Store and Google Play!

Please read this informative comic instead of falling for fake news:
Protecting Lives & Liberty (18 pics as .png files on a html page, 2.5 MB)

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