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My Budget Book Pro

The perfect Household Book

Developer: Christian Drapatz

Purchase date:  02.01.2020 Pro Trial Version for free
In-App purchase: 03.01.2020 Complete package for 4,49 EUR

Rating: ***** 5 stars

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Languages: German and English

Functionality: This app is a fantastic assistant for managing your finances! It is one of the most comprehensive financial apps on the App Store. Convince yourself of its functionality. Never before has it been so quick and easy to get a complete overview of your finances and manage them!

The app can be downloaded for free and tested extensively as long as you like. The free version is limited to 16 bookings per month. This limit is permanently removed by a one-time in-app purchase. Other extensions can also be purchased.

I bought the complete package right away, because the app and the design of the developer's website made a nice impression on me. Meanwhile ten months have passed and I have never had so much fun with accounting!

Special Advantages

Data Protection: no registration necessary. All data you enter will only be stored locally on your device. An optional password protection of the app ensures data security in case of unauthorized access to the device by third parties.

Further Development & free Updates: the app is continuously developed and updated.

Support & Feedback: a good app also needs good support. As can be seen from the reviews, many users are enthusiastic about the support. To ensure that this continues to work well and quickly, please do not write your questions in reviews, but send them directly to the developer by e-mail. Thank you!

Conclusion: highly recommended

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