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Date of Purchase/Installation

about 2010: for my Samsung Galaxy S
15.08.2016: for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Purchase Price

For free. Includes self-promotion and tracking to offer customers more books of their taste within this app.

Rating (1–5 Stars)

***** 5 Stars

System Requirements

Android OS version 5.0 or higher. Smartphones & Tablets.
iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, tradit. Chinese, simplified Chinese

Why use Amazon Kindle?

Even if you prefer books made of paper or don't like e-books at all, many good books are unfortunately only available as e-books and then often only at Amazon.

Please let me explain ...

Background: the audience publishers (also known as public publishers or commercial publishers) have been saving themselves out of business for years and promote only one bestselling author at a time, and the rest of the book runs with them.

Even good proofreaders are being cut back and the few that are used seem to be under a lot of pressure. Otherwise I cannot explain to myself that often botch-ups are delivered!

Under these conditions, new authors have no chance at all of being signed by an audience publisher.

What is an Audience Publisher?

Due to the situation for new authors described above, self-publishing houses became more and more popular and were increasingly popular. Audience publishers are the ones with the bestsellers, so they already have their audience.

And what is a Self-Publisher?

It is a printing company specialising in small series, which used to produce mainly doctoral theses and similar printed works for students and other private individuals, i.e. for the author himself.

Since it has become so difficult for many authors to publish with a general public publisher, self-publishing companies are booming. They can produce even the smallest editions at low cost and no author has to go into debt to have a basement full of unsold books when the book is unfortunately not a bestseller after all.

Amazon is also a Self-Publisher

Amazon has been offering authors the opportunity to offer their works in the shop for years. Only when an Amazon customer has placed a book by such an author in the shopping cart and payment has been initiated, the ordered book is actually printed and shipped. Amazon has automated this process so perfectly that the customer would not notice any difference to ordering a bestselling novel.

Self published as Kindle Edition

Amazon has long since ceased to offer only small-scale book printing, but also produces e-books, in this case as Kindle Edition.

You have no Chance – use it!

So even unknown writers have a chance to make a name for themselves and are independent of the whims and funds of large publishing houses.

For us readers in search of good new stories there are real pearls among the self-publishers, e.g. Arno Endler (SciFi) and Eva Lirot (Thriller).

The science fiction short stories in the German computer magazine c't made me curious about more Sci-Fi stories by Arno Endler.

Using Kindle E-Book Reader

There was only this way left for me (Amazon shop; Kindle) to buy the books of Arno Endler.

Update: Arno Endler's new SciFi crime novel about John Mayer and his E-Fam Otto will be published from 03.07.2020 on Apple Books!

Since I had already bought books by Eva Lirot as Kindle edition and read the Kindle books in the browser on my notebook so far, I tried the Kindle app for iOS after buying my first iPhone and I liked it.

DigiDNA's device management software iMazing makes it easy to determine whether an app was made with Facebook's SDK.
After finding out that the Kindle app was developed with the Software Development Kit (SDK) of the US company Facebook, I changed my mind.
Facebook is truly not known as a protector of privacy. Their SDK for app development contains interfaces for monetising app users' data and habits (the business purpose of this SDK!).

Important: check the battery status regularly and take an external battery (“Powerbank”) with you if you use your iPhone frequently on the move to read books, because the iPhone's energy consumption is higher than usual when reading.

Even if you have an iPhone with an OLED display: The dark mode is not really ergonomic for reading books (then we would still use monochrome monitors with green or amber lettering today)!


Highly recommended!
Originally, this app was developed using Facebook SDK, which I had found out with DigiDNA's excellent iMazing software (backup, management and forensics tool). Since then I avoided this app and looked for an alternative …

30.07.2021: I want to read the beginning of the story of the private investigator John Mayer (sci-fi author Arno Endler) again. To do this, I install the Kindle app again after a long time – on my spare device iPhone Xs.
I take the opportunity to use iMazing to check whether the Facebook SDK is still being used. This is no longer the case. Therefore, I give the Kindle app five stars and can use it again. smiley

Alternative: Apple's own Service and App “Apple Books”

Please also read my review of this Kindle alternative.

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