Design Templates and Plug-ins

Design Templates

A design template is the façade of your website, gives it a "face", so to speak. It should be as distinctive and attractive as possible so as not to bore or frighten your visitors. If you don't want to hire a web designer right away, choose one from the wide range of ready-made design templates that comes as close as possible to your ideas. Then only a little adaptation is necessary.

If you don't like any of the ready-made templates, simply build your own!
If your skills in CSS, HTML and PHP are limited, you will find many help pages on the web. You can also get help in the CMSimple forum.

Official template repository of CMSimple_XH


In order not to overload CMSimple_XH with functions that most users will never need, anything you wish can be added by plug-ins (limited only by your programming skills).

Official plugin repository of CMSimple_XH

Introducing of proven Plug-ins

I will soon describe other very useful plug-ins.
Now I start with my favourite plugin …


Version: 1.0beta4 | Copyright © Christoph M. Becker

As the name suggests, this extension helps to move websites. What the developer describes only briefly and modestly does not even hint at what an ingenious tool he has created! On the contrary, he warns that the software is still in beta and insufficiently tested and that one should therefore be very careful. I have been using “Moved_XH” since it was first released in 2013 and have never experienced any serious errors.
Of course, you have to work very carefully when setting page redirects and then check thoroughly whether everything really works properly.
Otherwise, you might create new problems for yourself and maybe parts of the website will be no longer accessible.
Errors found were only my own occasionally incorrectly set redirection rules, which were easy to locate after patient searching and showed me more and more how powerful this tool is!

Dealing with “regular expressions” made easy

This ingenious extension makes dealing with “regular expressions” (regex for short) sensationally easy.
Formulating redirection rules for the .htaccess file is not always easy and almost impossible for query strings like those used excessively by CMSimple_XH.
With Moved_XH, writing the most complicated redirection rules becomes an entertaining puzzle game with a high success rate.

Moved_XH translates Simple Language into Regular Expressions

So that the description here does not become too long and complicated, I will keep it short:
Instead of concrete fixed paths and page names, placeholders can be used and parts of real page names can be combined with placeholders.
This saves hundreds to thousands of lines of an otherwise necessary list of moved pages.
Another advantage: this code is only called and processed if the called web address does not exist and an error 404 would actually be displayed.
Then the file moved.csv with your rewrite rules is loaded and processed. Therefore, only incorrectly called web pages are processed a little slower than correct calls.
The delay is hardly noticeable and not tragic for visitors and search engine bots: both will see why it took longer and remembers the new URL!

Practical Application (Examples)

If you want to move a small website with a few pages to your new CMSimple_XH website, you can simply put a list in your .htaccess file according to schema:

Redirect 301 /old-path/ https://domain.tld/new-path

or when moving the entire old website to a new CMSimple_XH website

Redirect 301 / https://domain.tld/

When moving pages within a CMSimple_XH website, it is better to use Moved_XH. Two examples:


But if your old website has hundreds of pages and thousands of URL variants come in as requests, such a list becomes huge.
You can capitulate and ditch the many requests with old URLs with an error 404 page or give up altogether as an error 410 page.
But the requests with old URLs come anyway. So why not automatically rewrite these requests and redirect them to the new web address?
Advantage: Your visitors get the information they want and the search engines learn the new address when they are redirected.
The many thousands of wrong requests become fewer week by week and your web server does not have to keep thousands of lines of routing information ready.

Download Moved_XH from GitHub

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