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Contract History and Experience 1992 to date

Mobile Networks and Mobile Tariffs

List makes no claim to completeness.

30.06.1992: Official network launch of Mannesmann-D2.
01.07.1992: Official network launch of T-D1.
I am fascinated by mobile communications technology and plan to buy a mobile phone in November.
01.11.1992: Unfortunately the first devices are scarce and overly expensive. So I am forced to postpone my entry into the mobile world until December. The press writes: "GSM" stands for "God! Send Mobiles!".

05.12.1992–19.11.1994: Mobile telephony service provider unicom in the network of D2-Mannesmann.
20.11.1994–30.04.1995: Dekratel takes over unicom; new contractual partner: Dekraphone.

22.11.1994–31.10.1996: E-Plus with “Partner tariff” Partner-Plus.

11.09.1995–11.09.1996: Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 Privat, tariff “Fun”.

07.08.1996–06.11.1999: Mobile telephony service provider DPlus, D2 tariff Normal “AN1”.

26.03.1997–25.09.1997: T-Mobil, Prepaid tariff “Telly-D1-Xtra”.

09.05.1997–15.09.1997: Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 Privat, tariff “Fun24” (timing 10/10).

07.07.1999–19.02.2002: VIAG Interkom, tariff “Genion”.

07.11.1999–30.11.1999: Mobile telephony service provider DPlus, D2 tariff “Fun 24 AE3”.

27.01.1998–31.03.1998: E-Plus, tariff “Profi-Day” (timing 6/6).
01.04.1998–28.07.1998: E-Plus: automatic tariff switch to “Business tariff” (timing 6/6).
29.07.1998–31.01.1999: E-Plus Business tariff changing at 29.07.1998: timing in seconds (timing 1/1).
01.02.1999–04.05.1999: E-Plus tariff “Time & More 500” (timing 10/10).
05.05.1999–18.07.1999: E-Plus tariff “Privat” (timing 10/10). From May 1999 exklusiv service.
19.07.1999–29.08.1999: E-Plus tariff “Time & More 1000” (timing 10/10).
30.08.1999–27.01.2000: E-Plus tariff “Privat 29” (timing 10/10).

00.00.0000–01.08.2001: T-Mobil, tariff “Xtra” (Start no longer known).

28.01.2000–04.01.2001: T-Mobil, tariff “Telly 10/10” (timing 10/10).

05.01.2001–31.10.2001: T-Mobile, tariff “CompanyProfi/56” (timing 1/1) w/o TwinBill.
01.11.2001–21.12.2003: T-Mobile, tariff “CompanyProfi/66” (timing 1/1) w/ TwinBill.

12.11.2002–00.00.0000: T-Mobile, tariff “XtraOne” (End no longer known).

29.12.2002–00.00.0000: T-Mobile, tariff “TellySmile” (timing 60/1). Offer from 1&1 Internet AG.

27.05.2003–31.10.2006: E-Plus “Jubiläums-Professional XL” (timing 1/1) w/ phone Nokia 6310i.
02.07.2004–30.11.2004: E-Plus Online-Card UMTS, tariff “Online Time 100”.
01.12.2004–27.04.2005: E-Plus Online-Card UMTS, tariff “Online Time 150”.
28.04.2005–28.02.2006: E-Plus Online-Card UMTS, tariff “Online Time 500”.
01.03.2006–28.02.2006: E-Plus Online-Card UMTS, tariff “Online Volume 50”.
25.04.2005–24.04.2007: E-Plus again offers me the exclusive service.
01.11.2006–31.10.2007: E-Plus tariff “CleverOne L” (timing: 1/1).

16.02.2006–15.02.2008: Vodafone, data-only tariff “BusinessDataPro 6 Volume XXL” (data volume 500 MB).

07.05.2007–06.05.2009: BASE Internet-Flatrate.

09.09.2008–11.09.2010: Data-only tariff “1&1 Mobile Internet Notebook-Flat HSDPA” for 29.99 EUR/month.

16.02.2010–02.01.2019: Telefónica tariff “Telefónica o2 o40” (with “Internet-Pack L” to 16.08.2011). This free of charge contract serves as a backup and for testing during the main use of other contracts.

21.07.2011–02.04.2012: Prepaid tariff “Lidl mobile” w/ Internet flatrate for 8.99 EUR/month.
27.07.2011–02.04.2012: Prepaid tariff “Lidl mobile” w/ Notebook flatrate for 14.99 EUR/month.Did not extend the flat rates and had the remaining credit balance of the cards refunded. The SIM with the memorable phone number remains in the reserve phone.

14.02.2012–21.02.2012: Framework contract “Vodafone Business Classic” (timing 1/1) SIM-only.
Plus “MobileConnect Flat” with 14.4 MBit/sec. up to 5 GB, then throttling down to 64 KBit/sec.
22.02.2012–13.02.2014: The conditions of the Vodafone framework contract were improved. At least that is what the information page on the SBSCOM customer portal suggests. "All customers will be switched to “Vodafone Professional”. You don't need to do anything, everything is converted automatically". I realise too late that my tariff has not been converted to “Professional M” as expected …
17.02.2013: My patience is torn, I will switch to the real premium net!

21.02.2013–21.08.2013: Telekom “Complete Mobil XL” w/ LTE speed option + MultiSIM (timing 60/1).
22.08.2013–20.02.2015: Telekom “Complete Comfort XXL” w/ LTE (timing 60/60).
23.08.2013–22.08.2015: Telekom data-only tariff “CombiCard Mobile Data XL Zuhause”.
04.10.2016–15.11.2020: Telekom “MagentaMobil XL Premium”. Germany's first real mobile flat rate without throttling!

30.10.2018–24.11.2018: Apple has been distributing the iOS version 12.1 since 30.10.2018, finally unlocking the eSIM/Dual-SIM function of the latest iPhone models Xs/Xs Max/Xr.
03.01.2019–02.01.2021: Telefónica: contract extension with tariff change from “o2 o40” to “o2 Blue All-in Special” (9.99 EUR/month). For 24 months 5,00 EUR discount on basic fee.

12.10.2020–11.20.2022: Tariff change from Telefónica o2 Blue All-in Special to o2 Blue All-in Extra, contract extension with partner card in the tariff o2 Free L Boost.
16.11.2020–15.11.2022: Telekom MagentaMobil XL Premium contract extension with tariff change to MagentaMobil S.

… to be continued …

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