Mobile Telephony | Tariff

Billing Method: Pay as you go (Prepaid)

Tips to find the best-fit Prepaid Tariff Plan

Important Factors

  • do you have a good radio reception everywhere you go?
  • remains the deposit valid even without charging and remains the SIM card active unlimited?
  • only a verbose telephone record offers full cost control!
    Several providers offers a complete telephone record in professional quality to download as PDF file! Without it you can´t win one´s case!
  • flexible refill methods of the refill card like you want:
    online at an internet portal via direct debit, automatically at lower deviation of a minimum value, monthly fixed amount via direct debit or bank transfer, refill instantly via online banking or ATM, refill card in shops, service station, kiosk, ec-Cash at a till
  • the customer service is reachable at little cost (max. 15 Cent/Min.)
  • the national price per minute to all networks costs max. 15 Cent!
  • the national price for a text message (SMS) costs max. 15 Cent!
  • you can deactivate the mailbox (using a menu on your phone or call due the customer support hotline or writing an e-mail/use a webform
  • also less costs than by the competitors to special rate numbers and calls to foreign countries
  • sparse buried in the fineprint, all conditions are clear, transparent and understandable explained
  • general business terms (German: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen, abbr.: AGB without restriction clauses

No Frills

Call Waiting (CW), call-through to all numbers, toggle (calls on hold), telephone hook-up, MultiSIM/Multicard/UltraCard, Homezone, call customer service for free, personal consulting in retail shops and hire-purchase are nonstandard at prepaid tariff plans.


Telephone hook-ups you can use with Telefónica Germany (English, German, Spanish) after online registration also with prepaid tariff plans.

Higher Demands or Professional Use

Tariff plan with monthly payment is the better choice …

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