Mobile Telephony | Tariff

Billing Method: Pay monthly (Postpaid)

Tips to find the best-fit Postpaid Tariff Plan

Important Factors

  • do you have a good radio reception everywhere you go? (check it with a free refill card)
  • do you get a verbose telephone record from your provider?
  • only a verbose telephone record offers full cost control (without it you can´t win one´s case!)
  • the customer service hotline you can call for free
  • the national price per minute to all networks costs max. 15 Cent!
  • the national price for a text message (SMS) costs max. 15 Cent!
  • you can deactivate the mailbox by using a menu on your phone
  • also less costs than by the competitors to special rate numbers and calls to foreign countries
  • sparse buried in the fineprint, all conditions are clear, transparent and understandable explained
  • general business terms (German: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) without restriction clauses
  • a short contract duration makes a fast change easier if you are not longer happy with the provider
  • Self-service online: contract (insight, help, options, renewal, termination!)
  • has your employer contracted with a network provider (framework contract)?
    Then maybe you can get business conditions on one's own account to use it private.
    Ask your HR department or your employee organization

For less Demands and Private Using

Tariff plan with pay as you go could be better …

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