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Tutanota: Private or Business E-Mail Mailbox

Easy to use on the iPhone despite Encryption

If you have the highest demands on usability and encryption, you should definitely try Tutanota – for free!

Secure Solution for all technical Platforms

E-mails, address book and calendar are stored end-to-end encrypted in Tutanota. When logging in, the mailbox is automatically decrypted locally on your device. For your smartphone there are Tutanota apps for Android and iOS. And for Windows, Linux and Mac OS there is a desktop client. Otherwise, just use your web browser. Tutanota uses symmetrical (AES 128) and asymmetrical encryption (AES 128/RSA 2048) to encrypt e-mails end-to-end.

If sender and recipient use Tutanota, all e-mails are automatically encrypted end-to-end (asymmetric encryption). Encrypted e-mails to external recipients are secured by a one-time password exchange (symmetrical).

Easy to use, absolutely fair

Even the limited free version gives a good feeling for the operation and makes the decision for the provider easier. With one gigabyte of storage space in the free version, many users will get by permanently. After a personal test you will gladly pay twelve EUR for the upgrade to a premium annual subscription (for little money you can use all the advantages of the premium version and support rapid further development)!

From Hannover (Germany) for the World

The menu navigation is in the web browser and on the smartphone (apps for Android and iOS) in German and 57 other languages, the website of Tutao GmbH is currently available in 33 languages, almost all pages also in German.

Fully encrypted Calendar

Secure e-mail was the primary goal of Tutao GmbH. For this reason, the calendar was not integrated in a preliminary version until 08.07.2019 (since 10.07.2019 in the Apple App Store). An own cloud storage is also planned. Gradually Tutanota will be expanded to an Office Suite.



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