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Palmengarten Frankfurt

Events and Exhibitions

Place of Event
Address: Siesmayerstr. 61, 60323 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 69 212-36689 and 212-33939
Phone information service: +49 69 212-39111
WWW: https://www.palmengarten.de

Closed from 2 November 2020

From Monday, November 2nd, the Palmengarten will be temporarily closed. With this decision, the administrative staff of the City of Frankfurt am Main is following the decisions made by the Chancellor and the heads of government of the federal states.
These decisions also include the closure of cultural and other recreational facilities to the public.

Opening Hours of the Ticket Office and Exhibition Houses
Siesmayerstr. 63 and Palmengartenstr. 11:
Nov to Jan: daily 09:00–16:00
Feb to Oct: daily 09:00–19:00

Zeppelinallee 18: only on Sunday and Holiday: 10:00–16:00

Opening Hours on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve
Siesmayerstr. 63 and Palmengartenstr. 11:
24.12.2019: 10:00–15:00
31.12.2019: 09:00–16:00

Access to Gallery, Palm House and Tropicarium while Cash Desk Opening Hours only

No Events and Exhibitions in 2021?

It all depends on people's behaviour. I don't see anything happening in 2021 …

For up-to-date information, please visit the Palmengarten's new website from time to time.

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the current global pandemic and in accordance with local regulations, fairs and exhibitions in this area are under restrictions and may not be open.

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