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Retail Shop

Purchasing with a real good Shopping Experience

Galeria (Kaufhof) Frankfurt An der Hauptwache

Best Department Store in Frankfurt am Main

Address: Zeil 116–126, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone:   +49 69 2191-0
WWW:   https://www.galeria.de
Open:    Mon–Wed 9:30–20:00
             Thu–Sat  9:30–21:00
Please note: changed opening hours in June 2020: Mon–Sat 9:30–20:00 

Their website is German-language only – but anyway take a look and visit this excellent location like thousands of tourists and locals do it daily.

Symbol lightbulb as an advice: here comes a tip! Special tip: at the 7th floor they have an excellent restaurant!
If you need a short break from shopping stress it is the perfect location for a cup of coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, have lunch or eat a piece of cake. All of that is self-made with fresh and high-quality groceries.

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the current global pandemic and in accordance with local regulations, eateries in this area are under restrictions and may not be open for dine-in services.

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