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Optimize Web Browser Settings

For all browsers: update regularly!
To be on the safe side, use only official websites of the developer/publisher!
Software recommendations from Tests & Tips always link to the publisher.

Avoid Internet Explorer

For security reasons don't use Internet Explorer  and also its successor «Edge»! Does not work with some web applications, you can save time for troubleshooting.
By the way: Microsoft Edge, the successor of Internet Explorer, does not support ActiveX, so Microsoft unofficially announced the end of ActiveX technology.

If you cannot do without Internet Explorer or your employer forces you to use it:

Disable ActiveX

Set the security settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer to Medium or better High and disable ActiveX!
Then some «playful» websites are no longer usable, but reputable websites with ActiveX can also be individually enabled in the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Does not use dangerous ActiveX. JavaScript can be disabled and should not be enabled by default!
If you call up a prepared website with JavaScript activated, your computer is acutely at risk! Malicious software can attack your computer immediately and if your antivirus program does not already know this malware by chance, «your data is done»!
Symbol: Glühbirne als Hinweis auf folgenden TippThe extension «NoScript» makes Firefox very secure (if you use it deliberately)!

Google Chrome

Does not use dangerous ActiveX. Very secure: every website (session) runs in its own sandbox!

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