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Telekom Speedstick LTE III in Practice

Transmission Type: variable or fixed – two Examples

This is just as important for difficult reception conditions as for good ones.

When 4G Signal is worse than 3G

Sometimes LTE is quite weak, but 3G/UMTS is very well receivable (HSPA+).
However, the modem prefers radio cells with LTE and you could then only surf slowly. With HSPA+ you would then be on the road much faster.
So you set it to «3G» and surf faster than with LTE.

Very good Reception from LTE, great Reception from HSPA+

There you receive two very good radio cells, but you want to stay logged in at LTE – so set it to «4G» and you'll surf faster and more stable.
LTE smartphones and LTE modems are not yet very widespread at the time of testing in 2013. This means that you will have to share a radio mast/base station with fewer users.

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