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Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset

Field Test

First Operation

04.06.2016: First use in the evening without charging the battery, because the display of my iPhone shows a headset battery charge status of 80 percent (yes, the iPhone really reads and shows the battery status of this Plantronics M70 headset on its display!).


After unboxing first I try how fast and easy I get this headset on my ear. This is important for you if you don´t want to wear the headset permanent but instantly when you hear the ringing of an incoming call. It is easy.

Wear Comfort

The wearing comfort is superb.
With its 8 grams this headset is so light, you will feel it on your ear marginally. Thanks of its lightweight design the wearing is without inconvenient feeling.
It is no in-ear-system and don´t covers your whole external ear. The tiny loudspeaker is placed soft and without pressure ahead of your earhole.
This is the design with best possible wearing comfort for every person. One disadvantage: not the best design for deep bass transmission.

Tonal Quality: Audio Transmission on your side

Noiseless, high fidelity. The volume you can set with several steps from quiet to very loud.

Tonal Quality: Audio Transmission at the remote station

All friends and colleagues using the Plantronics M70 cause of my recommendation have stated a very high tonal quality in both directions.
As a yearslong user of the predecessor M50 I had told my asking friends and colleagues that the M70 couldn´t be worse than the excellent M50.
Furthermore I had read very much positive reviews (e.g. at amazon.de). They all can be fakes, but my own experience with the predecessor M50 was so good, too.

07.06.2016: In the morning, while I am walking to my work I call a friend with my iPhone 6s Plus via Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on his landline phone.
We talk ten minutes with HD Voice quality. Best audio quality you can have like you speak directly without phone face to face. Great!
In the meantime I had further calls with the same good quality.

Testing Environment

I am phoning in the mobile phone network (am.: cellular network) of Deutsche Telekom (Americans knows their subsidiary T-Mobile). Their Network offers a very good reception quality in my sphere of activity. Therefore I can call always with Voice over LTE (VoLTE).
The Smartphones and landline phones of the remote stations were error-free.

During this field test I myself use an Apple iPhone 6s Plus for calls. It offers an outstanding tonal quality at music playback and phone.

The evaluation of the tonal quality is objective, because I don´t inform the called party about my equipment. So I prevent impairments by prejudices or envy.
The environment I mention while talking or at the end of a call if the called party asks me or it becomes topic of the conversation.

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