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Apple iPhone Xs: Firmware

Apple iOS, formerly also known as «iPhone OS»

iOS Versions after Launch

On 14.12.2020 I expected the iPhone to be permanently defective after this unsuccessful software update.
Apple icon and progress bar remained on the display until next day around 10 p.m. Now the battery is empty and the display is black. End of the road.

With this uncertainty whether the iPhone Xs is really defective, I could not go to sleep on 15.12.2020, so I connected the «dead» iPhone Xs to the MacBook Air again and already the battery symbol with a red bar was visible as a sign of completely empty battery on the display. About two seconds later, the Lightning cable already appeared on the display as a symbol that the iPhone can be restored by connecting it to the computer.

So the firmware had only «stuck». Since in this state it could not react to the usual commands with which one can restart or restore one's iPhone, the battery first had to be completely drained so that the firmware could start («boot») normally and thus all emergency options were available again.

The Finder immediately contacted me to offer a restore. I had to refuse this twice (closing the Finder window) before I could finally assign this task to my favourite iMazing.
Because iMazing had already saved the image file for iOS 14.3 from the previously unsuccessful update attempt and, after confirming the security prompt, began restoring and installing iOS 14.3.
Now everything worked fine.

Afterwards, I used the quick start function to copy all data and apps from my iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone Xs.
Thus, the iPhone Xs was ready for use again after only one hour and I only had to delete three apps that were not needed on this iPhone.

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