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Portable High-End Equipment for Audiophiles

31.12.2017: Listen to my favorite album: The Best Of The Art Of Noise (1992), 2. Title: Yebo (Mbaqanga Mix). This is ideal for testing low-frequency playback! Also very good for testing is title 7: Legacy.

This is a synthesizer sound that is not objectively suitable for testing the sound quality of a music player - electronic music sounds good on every device. But I know this album inside and out, and I've heard it quite often on MP3 players (constant-quality coding, dynamic data rate up to 320 kbit / s).
For the objective test of the sound quality I have used musical titles with acoustic instruments and very often heard musicians.
Also the hearing test CD of the audio magazine HiFi was very helpful in the objective test of the acoustics.

Ruler-straight Frequency Response

The Apple iPhone Xs can really show that it has drawn up in the low bass area a frequency response as with the ruler. Otherwise, the bass would not be so abysmal, undistorted and clear (I can not measure it unfortunately). gsmarena.com always tests and publishes the frequency response diagram!

No Headphone Jack

But because the Apple Xs no longer has a headphone jack like its predecessor, gsmarena.com can no longer offer an audio test. They write that a test with the Lightning-on-Headphone adapter would be possible, but the result would not be comparable, because you might use an adapter from another manufacturer. But: the acoustics of the iPhone Xs are just as good as its predecessor. References: gsmarena.com.

BTW: The trade magazine connect also tested the predecessor iPhone X in number 1/2018 and printed the frequency response very tiny. The frequency response is consistent with gsmarena.com – from 18 hertz to about 19,000 hertz as drawn by the ruler. My hearing was confirmed.
The signal-to-noise ratio is also excellent. Because the latency is extremely low, iPhones are liked by musicians and DJs.

Bottom line: the best high end music player – but not with the included Apple EarPods!
These have a too weak bass reproduction, but otherwise offer quite linear reproduction (writes the press).
Since I do not think of such gimmicks, I have not even unpacked these EarPods.

My audio test equipment: As headphones I use the Sony MDR-EX90LP.
This in-ear headphones in studio monitor quality provides a fairly unadulterated playback.
But this time it is not plugged into the Bluetooth audio transmitter Samsung Level Link because it can not be paired with the iPhone X.
I had to take out the adapter Lightning-on-jack from the packaging and listen to music by cable.

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