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Apple iPhone Xs: Battery Life, Usage Time, Battery Protection, Charging Time

Battery Life (Time from Battery Charging to the next Recharge)

Very individual, difficult to compare. Everybody defines few and many users differently, not to mention the term normal user.

Usage Time

Little use: 2 days (assistant Siri, a few e-mails, a few iMessages, calendar, notes, 3 hours listening to music, minimal web).
Frequent use: 1 day (read a book [Kindle app], Siri, some emails, iMessages or SMS, calendar, notes, calls, 5 hours listening to music, 3 hours web).

Battery Protection

In order to protect the battery, which cannot be changed by the user, I let it go to its limits as seldom as possible, because this unnecessarily wears it out.
At a residual charge of about 30 %, the battery is charged up to about 70 %. There are only deviations if I look at the iPhone too late.
If you let the battery become almost empty and charge it up to 100% (e.g. overnight), you stress it and use up a full charge cycle.
Modern lithium-ion batteries can cope with 300 to 500 charging cycles. In practice, these are achieved within 2 to 5 years, depending on treatment.
The relatively slow charging on a notebook does not bother me! So the battery does not get hot during charging (heat – mortal enemy of every battery).

Charging Time

This list should give you an impression of the loading times to be expected.

(placeholder; data from the predecessor iPhone X, are very similar for the Xs, but I will update it this week anyway)

Charging time at USB 2.0 socket: 2:24 h (up to 71% at 32% residual charge)(Notebook Sony VAIO Z12X9E/X)
Charging time with 36 Watt power supply: 0:32 h (at 36 % residual charge up to 71 %)(Anchor 36 W 5 V/7.2 A 4-port USB charger)
Charging time with large battery pack: 0:43 h (at 31 % residual charge up to 70 %)(Anker PowerCore Edge 20,000 mAh)

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