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Apple iPhone 8

Excellent processed Hardware

Audiophile Characteristics

The audio quality is excellent! The frequency response is from 18 Hz to nearly 20 kHz as pulled with the ruler – and the headphone output hardly any different!

Glass Case with a Frame made of 7000 Aluminum Wrought Alloy and Stainless Steel Chassis

The excellently processed case feels very good and is a hand flatterer.

The high-resolution 4.7-inch Display presents Photos and Text sharply

The size of the screen is sufficient to even edit the website on the go. Some of a program recorded through Save.TV app I will even look at it.

The A11 Bionic Processor is one of the fastest Smartphone Processors on the World Market

Before the purchase of the iPhones I had already read of it, but now I notice this every day that it is true.
Normal «daily business» leaves it completely cold, everything runs smoothly and the housing is never warm.
Too bad that Apple does not provide an interface to evaluate the temperature of processor or battery.
I would be interested in how the situation is here – compared to the BlackBerry.

Careful Selection of Color in Daylight

If you have the opportunity to visit an Apple Store should take the opportunity, also because the iPhone on press photos and on the Internet at Apple (all artificial light) looks quite differently than in bright daylight! Like myself, it can happen to you that in the daylight-flooded Apple Store you choose a different color version than on the screen, if you can take the iPhones all undisturbed in peace in your hand and compare. In the bright Apple Store, the colors do not look so intense.
In metal cases and frames, I generally prefer the unpainted variant quasi in «original color». For a stainless steel case, I would choose stainless steel colors, Apple uses a very good 7000 aluminum wrought alloy, so I would like the original aluminum case.
Apple achieves the colors by anodizing and adding to the alloy, so they avoid the problems with paint finishes, nevertheless, my favourite is the original «metal color».

Space-grey is my Favourite

I might have chosen a gold-colored or silver case, but in the Apple Store I noticed that these variants (as synonymous in Rosé Gold) have a silver or gold ring around the fingerprint sensor on the white front. I really do not like it. Much better: a black front with a black fingerprint sensor is uniformly black when the LCD is off. Therefore, my choice fell on «Space Grey». This is pure taste. You may like another color variant. Main thing you are satisfied with your iPhone, because it will be your daily companion!

Localization by GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS

Thanks to the use of four satellite systems, the location is safer and possibly even more accurate. Documents / reports about it I could not find yet.

Photo: Apple Lightning to USB Cable 0.5m and USB Power supply

Lightning jack and cable

Micro USB plugs are too fiddly and depending on the processing quality, which even varies with the original manufacturer, it is easy to connect or is difficult. So at least my experience.

Depending on the system, a lightning plug can be easily and precisely inserted into the lightning socket. Finished.
If you do not pay attention to details and processing quality, you will miss the detail, I think it is important.

Photo: Lightning-on-USB cable (0.5 m) for 25.00 EUR (unfortunately no joke, that´s Apple pricing of standard quality)

Photo: Open original box with Apple iPhone 8 256GB, Colour Space Grey
Photo: Newly opened for the first time original box with Apple iPhone 8 256GB, Colour Space Grey

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