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Apple iPhone 8

Buying Process

Visit the Apple Store spontaneously on Saturday evening

23.09.2017: Half an hour before closing I visit the Apple Store in Frankfurt am Main. I can not wait to hold the new iPhone models iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in my hands and check the colors. Unfortunately my favorite versions (256GB, "Space Grey") are not available for purchase today.

Later at home I decide to buy the iPhone 8 with 256 GB memory in the color "Space Grey" and of course I need a new leather case for it. I order a bag made of black nappa leather with the dimensions 140 x 68 x 7.5 mm in the fitBAG online shop.

Finally! The iPhone 8 with 256GB in the colour "Space Grey" is available

28.09.2017: Since last Monday I checked the availability twice daily online at apple.de for a pickup at the Apple Store Frankfurt. At 14:30  it's finally time! The iPhone 8 is available in the color "Space Gray" with 256 GB memory! I order it immediately with pickup at the Apple store and get a confirmation by e-mail.
At 14:41, Apple sends me a notification via e-mail that my iPhone can be picked up.
At 18:50 I arrive at the Apple Store and ten minutes later I leave it with my new iPhone 8. 

Photo: Carton with Apple iPhone 8 - with pickup tag
Photo: Carton with pickup tag: Apple iPhone 8 - 256 GB, Space Grey

30.09.2017: I get my black leather bag from fitBAG. The iPhone 8 slips nearly perfect into the leather bag, but it is a little bit tight.
So I order a second one with the dimensions 145 x 70 x 7.5 mm at fitBAG. So it will slide more comfortably into the pocket. The first ordered bag is reserve, I can use it also for an older smartphone.

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