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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

fitBAG Nappa Leather Sleeve

If you like bare aluminium housing

Despite custom-made bags from fitBAG are not expensive! If you want to feel bare aluminium on your skin, you can save the 59 EUR for a leather case from Apple and order a fitBAG sleeve for 17.90 EUR plus shipping for the naked iPhone instead. Either standard dimensions (specify iPhone model) or if you don't want it to sit too tight, specify 161 x 80 x 8 mm as case dimensions when ordering. The case still widens a bit after several weeks of use, but until then the external buttons would be strained as well, this is too risky for me personally (I'm very fussy, handle devices very carefully).

From many years of experience with fitBAG nappa leather bags I can assure you that the bag does not widen too much, so the iPhone will not lie too loose in the bag after months of use and will slip out if you don't let it be too wide.

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