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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: High‑End Music Player

Excellent Music Player in Aluminum Housing

16.12.2016: Listening to my favourite album The Best Of The Art Of Noise (1992), second title: Yebo (Mbaqanga Mix). It is ideal for testing the low bass reproduction! Further tip: 7th title: Legacy.

This is synthesizer sound that is not objectively suitable for testing the sound quality of a music player – electronic music sounds good on any device. But I know this album inside out and have listened to it very often on various MP3 players (encoding with constant quality; dynamic data rate up to max. 320 kbit/s).
For an objective test of the sound quality I used music titles with acoustic instruments and very often heard musician's voices.
Also the Listening Test CD of the German HiFi magazine Audio was very helpful for the objective test of the acoustics.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus can thus really show that it has a frequency response down to the low bass range like with a ruler. Otherwise, the bass would not be as deep, undistorted and clear (unfortunately I cannot measure it – no test magazine has published measurements).
Only gsmarena.com always tests and publishes the frequency response diagram!
My hearing is confirmed – the linear smooth frequency response from 20 to 20.000 Hertz is better than most other smartphones.
The signal-to-noise ratio is also excellent. Because the latency is extremely low, the iPhone is used by musicians and DJs.

Bottom line: the best high-end music player – but not with the included Apple Earpods!
These have a too weak bass response, but otherwise offer quite linear playback (the press writes).
Since I don't think much of such gimmicks, I didn't even unpack the Earpods.

My audio test equipment: As headphones I use the Sony MDR-EX90LP on the Bluetooth audio transmitter Samsung Level Link.
These in-ear headphones in studio monitor quality offer a quite unaltered reproduction.

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