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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Buying Process

With my first smartphone from Apple (iPhone 6s Plus), I was satisfied, but I take a lot of pictures and have a great music collection, so I would not have the 128 GB memory in the long run. The new iPhone 7 Plus has twice as much memory, a more powerful processor and a better camera with two lenses, so I bought this and sold the 6s plus at wirkaufens.de.

iPhone Purchase in Conjunction with Contract Renewal

02.09.2016: At a press conference at IFA Berlin, Deutsche Telekom presents its optimized tariff line and, for the first time in Germany, a flat rate without throttling: MagentaMobil XL Premium is the tariff with unlimited maximum speed data volume. I am thinking about upgrading my tariff MagentaMobil L Plus, which would already be possible in the form of a contract extension.

04.10.2016: After researching the new tariff with unlimited maximum speed data volume MagentaMobil XL Premium I login late in the evening online in the Telekom customer center and order the Apple iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB memory in the color diamond black as a contract extension for around 437 EUR incl. shipping and handling charges.

Contract Upgrade within 7 Minutes, but Delivery of the iPhone 7 Plus 72 Days later

16.12.2016: After the delivery date has been moved back several times, it is now finally time - the iPhone 7 Plus is here!
The iPhone order including contract renewal with conversion into MagentaMobil XL Premium lasted, including order confirmation by mail and SMS only seven minutes! Apple was unfortunately not so fast. They have not expected such a large demand and therefore far too few devices pre-produced.

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