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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Battery Performance

Measured Value Acquisition

The basis for this series of measurements own screenshots and calendar records, since Apple does not offer a device monitor.
So I can prove all values. Relevant activities (rel. Energy consumption of Apps percentage, battery status shortly before the start of charging, when charging starts, after charge) were recorded with a screenshot. So a serious reasonably accurate indication of the battery power is possible.

Usage Duration

Little use: 2.5 days (Assistant Siri, some e-mails, possibly some iMessages, little calendar use, possibly notes, 3h listening to music, minimal web use).
Much use: 1 day (assistant Siri, many e-mails, some iMessages, calendar frequent use, some notes, phone calls, 5 hours listening to music, 3 h web).

Gentle Battery Treatment

In order to save themselves not replaceable battery, I let it never go to the limits, because that will wear it unnecessarily quickly.
At the latest at 28% residual charge I charge the battery again, but only up to max. 85%.
When the battery is nearly empty and then charged to 100% (eg. overnight) it stresses the battery and uses a full charge cycle.
Modern Lithium Ion batteries provide about 300–500 charge cycles. In practice, these are about 5 years depending on the treatment.
Fast charging is bad for the life of a battery, so I miss no corresponding power supply.
Therefore, the relatively slow charging the notebook does not disturb me, on the contrary. So the battery is also not hot during charging.

Expectable Charging Time

This list is intended to give you an impression of expected loading times.
Charging time on USB jack: about 4 h (at 30% residual charge to about 80%)(Notebook Sony VAIO Z12X9E/X)
Charging time with 5W power supply: 1:00 h (at 24 % residual charge to exactly 60 %)(Apple 5W USB Power Adapter)
Charging time with 36W power supply: 1:00 h (at 30 % residual charge to exactly 83 %)(Anker 36 W 5 V/7,2 A 4-Port-USB-Ladegerät)
Charging time with 5W power supply: 1:30 h (at 29 % residual charge to exactly 83 %)(Apple 5W USB Power Adapter)
Charging time with 5W power supply: 1:37 h (at 30 % residual charge to about  90 %)(Apple 5W USB Power Adapter)
Charging time with  battery pack: about 3 h (at 30 % residual charge to about  80 %)(just mobile Gum Pro PP-08)
Charging time with  battery pack: about 1 h (at 25 % residual charge to about  80 %)(Anker PowerCore Edge 20.000 mAh)
Charging time with  battery pack:     1:30 h (at 25 % residual charge to 94 %)          (Anker PowerCore Edge 20.000 mAh)

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