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Apple iPhone 6s Plus: iTunes

Regular Backups

Abbildung: optimale Backup-Einstellung für iTunesDuring the evening charging of the battery at the USB port of the notebook, I automatically create an encrypted backup to SSD and copy it to an external hard drive (see figure).
I also use iTunes to sync music from an external hard drive to the iPhone.

E-mail, Addresses, Contacts, Tasks, Notes

An iCloud e-mail account can, but does not have to be created!
PIM data such as e-mail, addresses, contacts, tasks and notes can be matched perfectly with your existing e-mail accounts. This is also supported by the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which works with Microsoft Outlook, but also with 1&1 Mail Business, for example. Advantage of EAS: easy setup and all data are always available on the go (older mails are only loaded by the server when «total time» is selected for synchronization).

Safety tip: For optimum transport encryption, always set «StartTLS» with appropriate port!
Anyone who has installed Microsoft Outlook locally can keep it synchronized with iTunes via iTunes (not self-tested).
I have created two accounts. iCloud was already preset, which I have strongly limited:

iPhone needs iTunes – for Privacy Reasons

Before the purchase of the iPhone I had already installed iTunes, to see how it tolerates with my notebook Sony VAIO Z12X9E/X. If this had not gone well, I would not have been able to buy the iPhone, because without iTunes, most Apple products are not usable if you value privacy. The iCloud runs mainly in third-party data centers (Google, Amazon) and therefore I avoid the storage of personal data in their «clouds». The transport encryption has finally been somewhat improved, but is still far from optimal.

iTunes Version Query

In the menu bar click on «?», then «Info …», you will see the result as shown here or after the update of Monday, 16.05.2016 the new version 12.4 is displayed.

Screenshot: iTunes Version 64-bit for MS Windows

Quotations from the Update

Enjoy all your music, movies, TV shows and more with a simpler design.

Navigation. You can now use the Back and Forward buttons to switch between your media library, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and more.

Media selection. Simply switch between music, movies, TV shows and more, and select "Edit" the desired objects.

Media library and playlists. Use the sidebar to browse your media library in a whole new way. Easily add tracks to playlists using Drag & Drop. And you can customize the sidebar so that only your favorite views are displayed.

Menus. The menus in iTunes are now easier and more user-friendly. Use the display menu to customize your media library or use context menus to interact with a specific object. (End of quotation)

With version 12.4, Apple wants to fix some bugs (especially when using Apple Music) and optimize the user interface.
I did not notice anything (use iCloud or buy music with Apple), but it's still visible for every customer, the improvement of the apps section: there are not only the home screens, but also unwanted apps that are no longer installed. They can not be deleted.
Three of my apps I can reinstall at the push of a button, but unfortunately not delete.

I'm still very satisfied with iTunes, as it works much more reliably than any synchronization suite (Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry) used so far.
I need only backup and data matching (occasionally self-purchased music from CD transfer to the iPhone), but that must work!

New Software Version

05.06.2016: There is a new iTunes version: 12.4.1. What changes? – See figure:

Abbildung: iTunes Version 12.4.1 wartet auf Bestätigung des Updatevorgangs
Picture (screenshot): iTunes version 12.4.1 with 72.86 MB is offered for the update

Quote from the screen photo (translated to English):
This update addresses several issues where iTunes with screen readers does not work as expected. It also restores the ability to reset the number of renderings and fixes the following problems:

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