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Apple iPhone 6s Plus: Firmware

iOS Versions and Updates documented

24.03.2016: First setting and software update to iOS version 9.3
19:24 Uhr: For the first time turned on. 19:26 it puts the statistics: Settings / Mobile Network.
22:57 Uhr: Restart after updating to iOS 9.3, System Build 13E234, kernel Darwin Kernel 15.4.0 Build 199506.

18.05.2016: Software upgrade to iOS 9.3.2
23:26 Uhr: Update via iTunes with iPhone's USB cable lasted seven minutes.

07.06.2016: I turn off the iPhone first time
22:18 Uhr: Because of access issues on the 2nd mailbox folder I turn off the iPhone first time.
22:29 Uhr: Boot time with Unlock iPhone and SIM card lasts until 22:30, then it is ready for use again.
22:30 Uhr: The mail folder of the 2nd mailbox are fully available again. The restart was worth it.

26.08.2016: Software update to iOS 9.3.5
23:08 Uhr: Restart after update via iTunes with iPhone's USB cable – took one hour with download.

Actually, I wanted to document everything, but I don't think anybody would be that interested?

So I'll stick to this overview (and the first two complete documentations up to iOS version 9.3.2 on my German-language pages), adding only the respective date. Everything else is too time consuming. Anyway, only nerds and newcomers will be interested, who have used another mobile operating system before, for example Android OS.

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