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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Hardware Photos 3 of 9

The A9 Processor is one of the fastest Smartphone Processors on the World Market

Before the purchase of the iPhones I had already read of it, but now I notice this every day that it is true.
Normal "daily business" leaves it completely cold, everything runs smoothly and the housing is never warm.
This is a new experience - my BlackBerrys are very warm when surfing the web doing nearly nothing (38 °C).
Too bad that Apple does not provide an interface to evaluate the temperature of processor or battery.
I would be interested in how the situation is here – compared to the BlackBerry.
Could however be boring, because the iPhone with normal use would always display only 24 to 26 °C ?
Probably it is only a little warm in some racing simulations. I have to try times, but have no app for it.

Edit #1: With iOS version 9.3.3 (or 9.3.4 ?) Apple has given developers this API release, because since then an app can display the battery temperature!
Edit #2: With iOS version 10.0.1 Apple has taken developers this very useful API. Incomprehensible.

Photo: Apple iPhone 6s Plus in Apple Leather Case, bottom with connectors
Photo: Apple iPhone 6s Plus Bottom with speaker openings, lightning jack, microphone and headphone jack viewed from behind

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