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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Hardware Photos 1 of 9

Full metal housing in 7000 series aluminum wrought alloy with high haptics

Photo: Apple iPhone 6s Plus in Apple Leather Case
Photo: Bottom of Apple iPhone 6s Plus (f.l.t.r.): headphone jack, microphone, Lightning connector, loudspeaker

This iPhone feels very good, but with sweaty hands can easily slip away from these as soap. At least, the majority of users describing the advantages and disadvantages of the beautiful aluminum case on the Internet. Since I use my smartphone anyway with bags, that was not a purchase obstacle for me. In Apple's online store I liked the leather cover Leather Case - Sattelbraun best. Protects only back and edges, but with this genuine leather on the back of the iPhone, it feels really good and is non-slip. More pictures of it can be found on the special page leather shell.

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