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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

App Store

My Impression: Apple tests new Apps on Harmlessness, not on Functioning

Since 06.03.2008 Apple App Store exists. So already over eight years! It shows not on the virtual software store.
Years of experience with many smartphones (first Nokia, later on Android and last BlackBerry 10) allows a comparative objective judgment …
The offer is huge and although Apple reviews all apps before introducing them into the store thoroughly harmless, but not functioning.
Call filter otherwise would not be available! I first read all the reviews before I buy an app, so I bought nofaked app.

The User Guidance is somewhat confusing

Example: I wanted to show my app purchases and then delete a bad buy, so I no longer need to see this crap app.
It was almost impossible to find the menu with the purchases. It hides on the bottom right as «updates» (hard to find!).
But by tapping one sees only once the last (eventually) updated app and a somewhat unusual arrow with "purchases".
Only after tapping "Purchases" you get displayed the list of the purchased or free downloaded apps.
But it is not possible to delete purchased apps from the list. Google Play and even BlackBerry World can do it better.

But I do not want complain only. I could buy a few useful apps.

According to statistics portal statista Apple had offered 1.4 million apps at its App Store in May 2015.

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