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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Messaging Machine for frequent Writers

iMessage protects Privacy through End-to-End Encryption

iPhone users use iMessage to chat when privacy is important to them …

But: as soon as the iCloud is used, the chats and data encrypted end-to-end until then are no longer protected because they are stored in the iCloud unencrypted or the key to the iCloud is already available to the American authorities.
So if you don't want to violate the EU GDPR and protect the privacy of your family, friends, etc., you will avoid the iCloud!

Messaging Alternative: Threema

The use of Threema is much more secure. If desired, it works without any personal data such as telephone numbers. The Threema ID is sufficient.
With Threema, you can chat end-to-end in encrypted form and make tap-proof calls. Please read also my article about instant messaging services …

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