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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Pre-Order, long waiting Time, Pick Up

Pre-ordered online

13.09.2019: Pre-ordered an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 GB memory in gold colour online at noon for pick up on the first day of sale 20.09.2019.
Pickup time window: 18:30–19:00.
19.09.2019: Received the pickup information by e-mail. This email contains a QR code that can be added to the Apple Wallet app to make the pickup even faster.

High Demand results in long waiting Time

20.09.2020: Big rush in the Apple Store! It quickly becomes clear to everyone: the pre-assigned time slots are untenable! This is also due to the fact that many foreign tourists simply jump the queue without pre-ordering and are given preferential treatment, even though it was actually communicated that on the first day of sale only customers with pre-ordered tickets can be served!

Pick Up one Hour later than planned

Despite such incidents, everyone remains relatively calm and everyone tries in his own way to somehow bear the long standing in line. Shortly before 8 pm I also get my new iPhone and the manager of the Apple Store apologises for the long waiting time. I have understanding and I am not angry because everybody gave their best.

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