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Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset


Here I show you a little photo gallery.

Foto: Unboxing, Plantronics M70 frisch ausgepackt
Photo: original packing Plantronics M70, view of left and right side (move the mouse over the image and away)

Foto: durchsichtige Verpackung des Bluetooth-Headsts Plantronics M70, Unterseite
Photo: transparent boxing of the bluetooth headset Plantronics M70, bottom side

Foto: Plantronics M70
Photo: the Bluetooth-Headset Plantronics M70 ...

Foto: Plantronics M70
Photo: boxing content Bluetooth Headset Plantronics M70

Foto: Plantronics M70 Headset Innenseite
Photo: M70 inside

Foto: Plantronics M70
Photo: Bluetooth Headset side view with the power selector (on/off)

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