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just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 Portable USB Power Pack

Charge Devices with USB Charging Socket, where no Outlet is at Disposal

Test Time 1st Exemplar: 27.11.2010-27.01.2012  |  Test Time 2nd Exemplar: 06.06.2013-31.10.2015

Photo: just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 Portable USB Power Pack Original CartonThe just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 contents an accumulator with 4400 mAh capacity and charges due to high amperage (1000 mA) devices with USB charging socket much faster as on the USB jack of a personal computer, where you get max. 550-850 mA.

Every device pulls only the energy it needs for charging and regular operating.

With this portable power pack you can charge your smartphone completely mostly two times independent from power grid connections - of course depending from the battery size of your smartphone. Most of the time the energy will rest for some charge procedures of a bluetooth headset.

That was my personal experience at winter 2011 (Gum Pro in a vest pocket, and a coat over it).

More Charging Procedures possible at warm Weather

Lithium-Ion accumulators are sensitive to cold. Since end of March 2011 the just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 could charge two smartphone accumulators before it needs charging itself.

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