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Mobile Phone Accessories

Audio Bluetooth Receiver, Bluetooth Headsets, Mobile Broadband Modems, Power Banks, Memory Cards

All Devices tested by myself. Sort by company name, then by date in ascending order (if known, date of purchase in brackets, too)

Audio Bluetooth Receiver with/for Headphones

Motorola S705 SoundPilot with 3,5 mm jack for your own headphones
Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS970 (20.03.2007), Stereo Bluetooth Receiver HBH-DS220 with 3,5 mm jack for own headphones (06.04.2009)
Samsung Level Link Bluetooth-Dongle (14.12.2015)

Bluetooth Headsets

Jabra Supreme+ Bluetooth Headset (13.03.2013)
Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset (22.03.2006)
Plantronics Voyager PRO (09.09.2010), M50 Bluetooth Headset (29.12.2011), M70 Bluetooth Headset (04.06.2016)

Mobile Broadband Modems

Huawei K3520 Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick (09.09.2008)
Nokia PC-Card D211 (21.06.2002)
Novatel Wireless Merlin U530 (02.07.2004), Merlin U630 Vodafone Mobile Connect Card UMTS (17.02.2006)
Telekom Speedstick LTE III (23.08.2013)

Portable Battery Charger (Power Bank)

Anker PowerCore Edge 20000mAh (16.08.2016)
Anker PowerCore Slim   5000mAh (11.02.2017)
BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for the Z10 (BlackBerry Extra Battery Charger + Battery LS1) (06.06.2013)
just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 Portable USB Power Pack (26.11.2010 + 06.06.2013)
Motorola P790 Portable Charger
Nokia Extra Power DC-8 (external Battery Case for a Battery Size AA – all specimens without function)

Memory Cards

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC 64 GB UHS-I Class 10 80 MB/s (05.12.2013)
SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 128 GB UHS-I Class 10 30 MB/s (07.05.2014 + 05.06.2014)
SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 128 GB UHS-I Class 10 48 MB/s (22.09.2014 + 02.12.2014)
SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 200 GB UHS-I Class 10 90 MB/s (19.10.2015)

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