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LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive P’9230 5 TB


Very easy to setup even for non-specialists

Especially technology beginners need to know before buying, whether the establishment of a hard drive is complicated. Every professional will be able to set up the hard drive with on-board means. One of skill will require none of these software tools. So that you can get an idea, I have documented it step by step.
Because of my German-language software version these screenshots are in German-language with translated text below.

Abbildung 1: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Willkommen
Image 1: LaCie Setup Assistant: Welcome - Welcome Screen and EULA (German: Willkommen)

Abbildung 2: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Formatieren
Image 2: LaCie Setup Assistant: Format (proposed setting by the assistant – change it to your needs)

Abbildung 3: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Formatieren
Image 3: LaCie Setup Assistant: Format (changed to a partition with 5.00 TB in NTFS format)

Abbildung 4: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Formatieren
Image 4: Warning before start of Formatting

Abbildung 5: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Formatieren
Image 5: LaCie Setup Assistant: Formatting has started

Abbildung 6: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Formatieren erfolgreich beendet
Image 6: LaCie Setup Assistant: Formatting has ended successful  - Windows has assigned the drive letter J: for this hard disk drive

Abbildung 7: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Registrieren
Image 7: LaCie Setup Assistant: Register your product (or tick the box at «Ich möchte mein Produkt jetzt nicht registrieren») and go to next (German: «Weiter»)

Abbildung 8: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Software
Image 8: LaCie Setup Assistant: Software (tip: use the free software offer!)

Abbildung 9: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Zusammenfassung
Image 9: LaCie Setup Assistant: Summary (at the first setup I hadn´t selected any software)

Yesterday I have started the Setup Assistant application again (X:\LaCie Setup\LaCie Setup.exe) and have installed the following software:

Both are very recommendable. Genie Timeline Free is a senseful downgraded free version of an easy to use software for data backup. LaCie Desktop Manager shows you the specs of connected LaCie hard discs. After a time of inactivity which you can preset separate for every LaCie hard disk drive the hard disk drive will go to standby mode to save energy (up to 77 percent). That is great!

Abbildung 10: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Genie Timeline free wird installiert
Image 10: LaCie Setup Assistant: Installing Genie Timeline Free …

Abbildung 11: LaCie Desktop Manager wurde installiert und gestartet
Image 11: LaCie Desktop Manager; Info Menu

Abbildung 12: LaCie Desktop Manager; Eco-Menü
Image 12: LaCie Desktop Manager; Eco Menu (Eco Management) - set the time of inactivity independently for every cnnected LaCie Drive

Abbildung 13: Neues Update verfügbar! Genie Timeline Free prüft direkt nach Installation auf Updates
Image 13: New update available! Genie Timeline Free checks for updates directly after its installation

Abbildung 14: LaCie Setup-Assistent: Zusammenfassung
Image 14: LaCie Setup Assistant: Summary (German: Zusammenfassung)

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