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AmazonBasics USB 3.1 Hub

Practical Experience since 06.06.2020 until 24.10.2020

At first everything worked very well and I was very happy with this new USB distribution box.
But because this box is made of plastic and does not dissipate heat well, the electronics in such a USB hub occasionally get too warm.
This then leads to gradual or sudden heat death. So perhaps it was a design error not to offer this in a metal housing?

In any case, among the many reviews on Amazon, I also found some that reported a defect after three months of operation.
As a precaution, I only used my USB hub with the three most important hard drives and looked around for a better USB hub. But the others were no better!

Even apparently solid USB distributors in metal housings broke after a short time, according to customer reviews, because their designers were not careful enough with the technical construction.

And then what had to happen – also my device done it. After all, it was almost two months later than all the other customers.

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