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Recommended Gastronomy in Neu‑Isenburg

Pizzeria Italia

Italian Cookery

Address: Frankfurter Str. 37, 63263 Neu‑Isenburg
Phone:   +49 6102 25770

Open:     please call, known times may have changed
              Wednesday = closing day!

Really one of the best Pizzeria´s all over the Rhine Main area!
Wood-fired pizza and delicious Italian dishes for real enjoyment.

Last visit: 8 Dec 2007

Unfortunately I am very rarely in Neu‑Isenburg, but if, then I will eat here …
… or here:

Thong Thai

Original Thailand Cooking without Glutamate!

Fast Food restaurant with delivery service
Address: Frankfurter Str. 233, 63263 Neu‑Isenburg
Phone:    +49 6102 780882
WWW:    https://www.thong-thai.com
Open:     daily from 11:30 to 21:30

Delivery Service:

Mon to Fri: 11:30 to 14:25 and 17:00 to 21:15
Sat:          11:45 to 14:45 and 17:00 to 21:15
Sun:         11:45 to 14:45 and 16:30 to 21:15

Very delicous and big portions, but fair prices!

Last visit: 19 Dec 2010 along with Friends.

Unfortunately I am very rarely in Neu‑Isenburg, but if, then it is a must to visit!

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No Consumption on Site!

From Monday, 02.11.2020 until end of November January (?), restaurants may only deliver food or offer it for collection. Please phone before a visit to save unnecessary ways and time and to order, because not every restaurant offers a pick-up or delivery service!
And even if a restaurant does offer it, the restaurateur will be happy to receive your order by telephone in good time to enable better planning. This saves you long waiting times and unnecessary journeys, and saves the beleaguered restaurateur unnecessary costs for overproduced food.

Due to the current global pandemic and in accordance with local regulations, eateries in this area are under restrictions and may not be open for dine-in services.

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